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Tailored solutions

We are the ally that our clients need to strengthen their growth, development and competitiveness in a global market.
About Us
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We are an importing company specialized in supplying raw materials, inputs and final products for the industry.
We believe in a world where excellence drives progress and innovation. Our vision is to be leaders in import of industrial supplies, differentiating ourselves in quality, service and commitment to our clients and partners around the world. We offer  a wide range of specialized services in management and import of materials to supply and  satisfy the needs of companies in various industrial sectors. We accompany our clients with an important network of raw material manufacturers in China and India. Additionally, we have a network of strategic suppliers in Europe and North America, which allows us to offer a wide selection of products for the industrial sector.

Our strengths

Customer technical specification

Orders without minimum purchase lot

Main factories in Asia

Preparation of materials

Manufacturer quality certificates

SGS quality control

Materia Prima

raw materials

With a focused approach on quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction, we strive to provide comprehensive solutions that drive the success and productivity of our customers.

Iron and alloys


Plastics and polymers

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Non-ferrous materials



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Supplies and spare parts

Machined products
We attend to the purchasing needs of supplies, tools, spare parts for machines and equipment for industrial processes. Our extensive network of allies around the world allows us to easily locate and quote the requested product.
Certified calibers
Welding wires

Custom manufacturing

Electrical machines
Electrical supplies

Alternative products

Obsolete products

Spare parts

Electronic materials
Die and mold development
Products injected in plastics and polymers
Inserts, burs and bits
Logístca y Entrega

Logistics and delivery

We offer highly competent international logistics services, covering sea, air and land routes with the most important companies in the market.  We guarantee comprehensive management of the supply chain of each order.

Our team specialized in customs clearance is responsible for managing all the necessary procedures to comply with the regulations.
trade, thus facilitating the import process and minimizing waiting times in customs.


Parcel Service

Photographic report prior to shipment

Customs clearance and delivery service at destination

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